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      What Is Counter Culture?

      What Is Counter Culture?

      Culture has always been defined as a broad term, one in which everyone ascribes to an agreed upon set of ideas and standards. Historically there have been disruptions to the cultural status quo, in the music industry and what we listen to, clothing and what we wear, and even the activities and pastimes in which we participate. Today, the rise of social media and the internet has made this transformation of our cultural norms front and center, and helped to drive what is considered trendy and hype.

      But what is counter culture? Counter culture is the initial stage of the cultural shift, the stage in which the early adopters are ahead of the game. Pushing boundaries and bringing tomorrow's trends directly to you today is what The Counter Culture Convention is all about.

      Part Cannabis Convention, part sex toy and porn expo, part tattoo expo, as well as the platform for clothing, art, music and even more. It doesn’t even stop there. The ideas, concepts, personalities, looks, feels and tastes that are featured at The Counter Culture Convention are driven by brands and consumers just like YOU. If it’s hype, it’s most certainly here.

      As the leading Counter Culture Expo, we have brought our years of experience producing the leading national cannabis and vape conventions, The Hemp World Expo and The National Vape Expo to deliver an experience unlike any other. Houston, Mohegan Sun and more locations to be announced, we bring the top manufacturers and brands directly to the people. The personalities and the minds that are shaping our culture, all in one place. 

      After more than a year of coronavirus pandemic fueled isolation, consumers are itching to get out and experience the brands, the influencers and the ideas that they crave. C3 is the premiere destination for anyone looking to discover the products that help drive the lifestyle movements and attitude they seek to live. Expect not just a platform for the biggest and most powerful names, but also a party atmosphere that is second to none.

      As much as The Counter Culture Convention is about passion and fun, it is also a lucrative opportunity for our businesses looking to help define the next wave in counter culture. The cultural crossovers that exist when it comes to discovering new customer bases can help take any business or project to the next level. Those fans of your favorite tattoo artist may also be interested in discovering the latest innovation when it comes to cannabis use. The vape fanatic may also be the biggest fan of the latest adult industry performer. The Counter Culture Convention expands not only the hype world, but also your potential customer base! 

      Whether you are a business or a consumer, make your plans now to join the Counter Culture Convention in Houston Texas, October 9th and 10th, and help to ensure that you will be on the cutting edge of what’s coming next! If there is one thing you can count on, it’s that if its hype, it’s here, only at C3! Purchase your booth or consumer pass right here at countercultureconvention.com today and we will see you soon!