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      Express VIP Check In 

      VIPs never wait in line, so neither do you. When you arrive at any of our five-star resorts, there is always a dedicated check in just for you. At C3VIP your experience is everything. And it starts from the very beginning.

      Fully Stocked Minifridge

      We don’t let our VIPs go thirsty. Ever. Your luxurious private room is fully stocked with beverages of your choice. Save them all for yourself, or share them with your newfound business colleagues. We won’t judge.

      Top Tier Nightlife

      VIPs need to release some steam after a busy day of networking. Each of our resorts offer a variety of nightlife venues right on property, so you never have to worry about taxis, Ubers or Lyfts! Party on.

      Five Star Restaurants On Property

      At C3VIP you are surrounded by luxury. This doesn’t stop when it comes to dining! Our elite resorts each offer several opulent restaurants right on site, which means no matter what you’re craving, you’ll be dining like royalty.

      Personal Concierge

      Business and pleasure are everything when it comes to C3VIP. Our concierges are here specifically so that you can stop sweating the small stuff, and focus on what’s important to you! Let us know what you need, when you need it, and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

      Stunning Beaches And Elite Pools On Property

      Traveling for business often means urban sprawl, honking horns and navigating a new city. Leave it all behind, and indulge yourself in an exotic tropical landscape like no other. Picturesque beaches, palm trees, and a pool that will make all your friends at home jealous. This is truly a business paradise.

      C3 Vendor Reservation

      Are you ready to pack your bags, and elevate your business to the next level right now? Like all things C3VIP we make it as easy as possible to make your dreams a reality. Click below and get ready to have an amazing time, and make business connections that will pay dividends for years to come.


      Your Reservation Includes:

      Air-Fare To-And-From The Destination
      VIP Check-In
      A Private Suite At Our Five-Star Resort
      Access To Each Of Our Pre-Qualified Buyers
      Fully Stocked Mini-Fridge
      Personal Concierge Service

      Rewards Program

      Purchase 5 Vendor Packages Get The 6th Half Off!